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Thank you for visiting my website, and considering me for your wedding or event!  You probably clicked this page because you’d like to know a little bit more about me.  Well, thanks for asking! :) I’m 36 and I’ve been running waSOUND full time since 2011.  I love what I do.  When I’m not rocking a dance floor, I live in Renton with my 2 animals, Finley and Melvin.  Melvin is a black and white tuxedo cat, and Finley is a Golden Retriever.  There is nothing I enjoy more than taking Finley to the dog park, or to a beautiful lake and watching him swim.

My favorite TV show of all time is Seinfeld, and my favorite food…well that’s a tossup between lasagna and ice cream.  

I’m a 90’s kid, and nothing gets me more pumped up, than some good old-school 90’s hip-hop.  When I’m looking to get your party hype, old school jams is where I go.  One of my secret go to tracks that always gets people moving is Spice Girls - Wannabe.  

I don’t only play hip-hop though.  I love all genres of music, and it’s important to me that I play what you like.  If Top 40 is what you want, then Top 40 is what you get.  I want to play what your crowd wants to hear.   Everything from MJ to Backstreet Boys, Pop to Disco to Country.  I guarantee that the butts will be out of their seats!

I’d love to talk more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, so we can discuss your event, and get to know each other a little better.

Thanks for visiting! -Danny
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