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Your wedding should express your personalities and special relationship. By playing your favorite music and customizing the evening's events, we help your wedding reflect you. We also value your friends and family. As MC for your event, we announce activities to smooth transitions and ensure no one misses you cut the cake or that special first dance. Details about the packages we offer and our MC services during your special night follow.


Priced at $2,499


All of our weddings include up to seven hours of play time. The clock starts when the music starts, generally thirty minutes before the ceremony. We don’t charge for setting up for breaking down.

Speakers and Microphones

We bring wireless microphones and multiple speakers so we can set up in a variety of locations for your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. Question abourt our gear? Just ask, we love talking shop.

Uplighting & Dance Lighting

LED dance lights and uplights are always included. Lights help to create the right type of atmosphere for each part of your reception. Uplights provide beautiful ambiance and dance lights amp up the party!

Off Season rates available

Add ons

Add our Photobooth for just $499


Our open-air photo-booth will fit your entire wedding party! Let us bring our self-service, 2 x 6 printing photo-booth. With studio lighting and a backdrop, we make crisp perfect photos. After the event, we will post process your photos to make the colors pop and then upload them to Facebook or a private online gallery.

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The Ceremony

Before the wedding, we work with your officiant to confirm song cues and perfect our wireless audio. We typically start the music thirty minutes before your ceremony begins to set the tone and put early guests at ease. Choose our Ceremony Mix, or request your own song list.
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Cocktail Hour

After the official kiss, cocktail hour begins. We can introduce the entire bridal party or just the happy couple to the reception. Customize your introduction with a special song or fun facts about the party. Our Cocktail Playlist provides a pleasant background so guests can socialize.
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Whether your dinner will be buffet or full table service, waSOUND helps ensure everyone is fed in a timely fashion. For buffet style meals, the bridal couple and party go first followed by the immediate family. Depending on the size of the reception, we then excuse by table or open the buffet to everyone. We’ll play our pleasing Dinner Mix during the meal.
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As dinner winds down, the couple mingles with the guests. Once everyone has a glass of bubbly, we begin the toasts. A wireless microphone comes with our service so guests from around the reception are heard. You’ll let us know whether toasts should be reserved to the head table or if you’d like us to “open the floor” for toasts and well-wishes.
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Cake Cutting

Cake Cutting After the final toast, we invite the couple to the cake table. We then ask the guests to gather and watch you cut the cake. Light, celebratory music or songs of your choice play during the cake cutting.
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The Dances

Once dessert is over, the formal dances begin. We confirm that you're ready and then invite you to the floor for your First Dance as a married couple. Our soft lighting creates a magical atmosphere as you dance to your special song. Parent Dances provide a quiet moment to remind your parents how much you love them. Traditionally, we start with the Father/Daughter dance followed by the Mother/Son dance; different combinations are possible for different situations. We'll help you turn these timeless moments into priceless memories. The Generations Dance – an optional waSOUND favorite – is a touching way to celebrate love’s longevity. We invite all married couples to dance and gradually dismiss them from the floor beginning with the most recently married. As the song ends, the couple that has been together the longest remains on the floor. Once the formal dances finish, it's time for some all-ages dancing. The goal is to get everyone moving and we play a wide variety of music to appeal to all tastes. Our Dance Playlist includes both upbeat music and romantic songs for slow dancing.
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Bouquet and Garter Toss

After the guests have had some time to dance, we pause for the Bouquet and Garter Toss. These fun traditions are usually accompanied by a lot of laughter and photo-snapping by the guests. We first invite the single ladies to the dance floor – often to “Single Ladies” by Beyoncé. Once they’ve gathered, the bride comes to the front. We count down, “Three! Two! One!” and she tosses the bouquet over her shoulder to some lucky lady. For the Garter Toss, we ask the single men to come to the dance floor – often accompanied by the 007 theme. We invite the bride to sit on a chair we’ve placed at the center of the floor and tell the groom to, “Go get that garter!” Once he captures the garter, he flings it to the crowd.
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Party Time

The couple’s married; the cake’s cut; the bouquet’s tossed: It’s time to party! We want everyone on the floor and our Dance Playlist really gets people dancing. We enjoy playing special songs for your friends and happily take requests, unless you have asked us not to. We’ve met our goal if everyone has a great time.
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Send Off

We’ll keep people dancing as long as you and your venue allow. When the night does have to come to an end, we want to send you off right. We’ll work with you to plan the best possible finish to your best possible night.
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